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Innovation for inspiration.What
determines when Nikon releases a full-frame flagship camera? When
technological innovation demands it. Introducing the D5, an FX-format


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Innovation for inspiration.What
determines when Nikon releases a full-frame flagship camera? When
technological innovation demands it. Introducing the D5, an FX-format
DSLR that makes the impossible possible. Huge advancements in sensor
design, autofocus, metering and image processing result in thrilling new
capabilities—low light shooting all the way to ISO 102,400 (expandable
to an unheard of ISO 3,280,000), precise AF detection and tracking
across that entire ISO range, regardless of your subject’s speed or
direction changes, blazing fast 12 fps continuous shooting, 4K UHD video
and, of course, image quality that captures the hearts and minds of
your viewers. This is not iteration, friends. This is
innovation…spectacular innovation. How will it change the way you
Game-changing low light capabilities Nikon’s widest native ISO range ever The
low light performance of the D5 might make it a legend. With Nikon’s
widest native ISO range (100 to 102,400) and highest expanded range (up
to Hi-5 ISO 3,280,000), advancements in noise reduction and colour
fidelity and a next-generation AF system that performs in near darkness
(EV -4), a world of new shooting opportunities has opened. Capture
clear, sharp images you may not have attempted before—at night, in dark
reception halls, arenas and more. For surveillance and security
applications, this expanded ISO range means getting a shot others can’t
see without a flash.

EXPEED 5, Nikon’s most powerful processor ever Masterful image quality The
sheer imaging power of the D5 is exhilarating. With its Nikon developed
20.8MP FX-format CMOS sensor, the D5 is the highest resolution
full-frame Nikon flagship ever and ready for your next challenge.
Nikon’s superior image processor has been updated to EXPEED 5 to harness
the power of this remarkable new sensor, and a second processor has
been added just for autofocus. All of the exquisite detail and textures,
vibrant colours and rich tonality delivered by NIKKOR lenses is
captured in flawless precision, even in extreme low light. Create images
that move people. Stay on top of your game The speed to capture decisive moments When
you hear the D5 shooting at full speed—12 fps with fulltime AF and AE,
14 fps with fixed focus and AE with mirror up—you know the game has
changed. For the first time in a Nikon DSLR, a second processor is
dedicated solely to autofocus operation and computing. A new shutter and
mirror sequencing mechanism nearly eliminates blackout time and mirror
slap for bright, consistent views during high-speed capture. EXPEED 5
and a high performance buffer handle up 200 NEF (RAW) and/or Large JPEG
images during one high-speed burst—enough to cover an entire 100m sprint
without taking your finger off the shutter release button. The new 180K
RGB Advanced Scene Recognition System pulls it all together and ensures
every shot has optimal exposure.

Capture images that defy the odds Nikon’s fastest, most accurate AF system yet The
D5 ushers in a new era of autofocus with the Multi-CAM 20K AF sensor
module. It uses 153 focus points with 99—yes 99—cross-type sensors and a
fully dedicated AF processor, and it works in near darkness (EV -4).
Small subjects moving at high speed, even in low light, can be tracked
with remarkable precision. The system is configurable in 153-, 72- and
25-point coverage when used with Continuous AF. All 153 points are
compatible with AF NIKKOR lenses f/5.6 or faster, and 15 central points
work with an effective aperture of f/8. Whether you’re shooting a
high-speed race or A-listers on the red carpet, the D5 has you covered. Moviemaking flexibility 4K UHD video in light others wouldn’t dare For
the first time in a full-frame Nikon DSLR, record 4K Ultra High
Definition (UHD) video with dot-by-dot readout for maximum image
quality. Capture 3840 x 2160 at 30/25/24p with an angle of view approx.
1.5x lens focal length, or record Full HD 1080 video at 60/30/24p. Shoot
stunning 4K UHD Time-lapse, right in camera. Auto ISO handles smooth
lighting transitions from ISO 200 to the sensitivity of your choice (all
the way up to Hi-5). Enjoy all the professional video capabilities of
D4S and D810—simultaneous external and internal recording, Flat Picture
Control, Zebra Stripes, a built-in stereo microphone with 20-step
increment adjustments and so much more. Combine the D5’s low light
capabilities and the versatility of NIKKOR lenses, and your next video
project is bound to be acclaimed.

A smooth operator Incorporating
feedback from the field, the D5 is engineered to reduce the stress
factors of shooting all day. Improved ergonomics and an expanded
illuminated button layout put key controls at your fingertips. A high
resolution XGA Touchscreen LCD with a smartphone-like interface makes it
easy to select AF points or Spot White Balance in Live View, swipe
through shots, pinch to zoom, edit file names and more. New double XQD
card slots* easily handle the camera’s incredible burst shooting
capacity and keep the buffer cleared. All of this in a light and durable
magnesium-alloy body with extensive weather sealing.

*A new modular design for memory lets you select a model with either dual XQD slots or dual high-speed CF slots.

Change your perspective The
D5 uses the versatile “F” lens mount that pros and advanced shooters
have come to rely on. Use your prized NIKKOR glass to bring out the
absolute best in your photos and videos. Pair the high speed of the D5
with a NIKKOR lens equipped with SPORT VR mode, like AF-S NIKKOR 500mm
or 600mm f/4E, and experience unprecedented smoothness and precision.
SPORT VR mode delivers a stable viewfinder image when tracking
high-speed movement; even subjects moving quickly and unpredictably can
be captured in stunning detail. Ready for the future of creative lighting The
D5 is the first Nikon full-frame DSLR to incorporate control for its
new radio controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting system. With the
optional WR-A10 (Wireless Remote Adapter) and WR-R10 Wireless Remote
Controller (transceiver) (requires firmware version 3.0 or later), the
D5 can control and fire up to six groups of SB-5000 Speedlights around
obstacles, corners, in bright sunlight—even in another room—up to 98
feet away. Access control right from the D5’s menu and shine light on
yet more shooting opportunities. Of course, the D5 is also fully
compatible with SB-910, SB-800 and SB-700 series Speedlights.

Streamlined workflow Shoot
more and wait less with the D5’s ultrafast communication system, which
performs over 1.5 times faster than D4S. Transfer files over LAN at
blazing speeds: approx. 400 mbps wired and 130 mbps wirelessly with the
new optional WT-6A Wireless Transmitter, which supports the IEEE802.11ac
standard and extends connectivity distance to 656 ft. For even faster
performance, shoot in two smaller RAW sizes: RAW size S (12 bit,
uncompressed) and RAW size M, both of which maintain exceptional
sharpness and detail. XQD or Compact Flash memory? Your choice. The
D5 lets you select your preference—dual XQD card slots or dual Compact
Flash slots. The XQD format is designed to take advantage of the speed
that the D5 can offer photographers. For instance, the Nikon D5 can
shoot at 12 frames per second and can record up to 200 NEF (RAW) and/or
Large JPEG images during one high-speed burst. For photographers
shooting sports, action and other fast paced events or 4K UHD video, it
is vital to have a media card format that can keep up with the camera.
XQD is the solution.

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